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Leasing a Copier

Leasing a copier is a big investment for any business and it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. We have been able to help so many companies help find the best possible cost on a great copier for the office. We can offer refurbished or new copiers so that your company will…

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Fast Facts On FMV Leases On Your Charlotte Copier

Many people wonder what an FMV lease is (in reference to a copier Charlotte companies lease to another company). An FMV lease is a lease where you can decide to pay fair market value for the copier at the end of the lease. It’s easy to want to many times if it is still working…

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Your Charlotte Copier And Copier Leases: What You Must Know

If you don’t make it through the rest of this article, at least know this:  the single most important thing about leasing a copier is knowing exactly what you’re signing, and what you’re paying for. Many companies choose their copier Charlotte reps lease them for the next 5 years based on how the copier looks,…

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