Fast Facts On FMV Leases On Your Charlotte Copier

Know what you're getting into with your Charlotte copier lease?

Many people wonder what an FMV lease is (in reference to a copier Charlotte companies lease to another company). An FMV lease is a lease where you can decide to pay fair market value for the copier at the end of the lease. It’s easy to want to many times if it is still working great and you don’t want to pay for packing and shipping back. Many companies reason that they’ve been paying for the copier anyway, and are ok with paying a little extra at the end and keep business uninterrupted. There are some pros and cons to this:

  • The Charlotte copier company decides what is fair market value
  • You own the equipment and are responsible for service now
  • You just bought a used copier that’s 5 years old

It is best for lower payments and flexibility at the end of the lease, and a good way to test drive a Charlotte copier and leasing company, and you don’t have to spend thousands up front so it’s good for your company’s cash flow. There are a lot of things to consider, and reading our previous posts on copier leasing in Charlotte will help supplement your knowledge for your decision-making.