Your Charlotte Copier And Copier Leases: What You Must Know

Is the lease on your copier Charlotte reps have for you really "full service?"

If you don’t make it through the rest of this article, at least know this:  the single most important thing about leasing a copier is knowing exactly what you’re signing, and what you’re paying for. Many companies choose their copier Charlotte reps lease them for the next 5 years based on how the copier looks, how nice the rep is, how low the monthly payment is, and various other very superficial judgements. The most important things to know before signing the lease are as follows:

  • Are you paying for too many base prints? This can cost thousands extra
  • Is your lease an FMV lease or $1 buyout, and who’s responsible for packaging and shipping at the end of the lease
  • Is your quote itemized so you can objectively compare it to the competition

There is a lot of financial margin in leases, and many places to put excess cost or fees that make it look like a better deal than it may be. Learning about the lease structure, lease rate ladders, and any inside information you can will help you to the tune of thousands of dollars over the life of the lease on your Charlotte copier.