buying a copier in charlotte nc

Copier Leasing

By Marketing Group / May 30, 2014 / Comments Off on Copier Leasing

Leasing a copier can be pretty tricky. There isn’t exactly a list of rules you should follow but here are a few things you should definitely have in mind when you’re trying to get a new copier: Make sure that your current insurance company will cover your new expensive piece of equipment. If they will…

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Leasing a Copier

By Marketing Group / April 23, 2014 / Comments Off on Leasing a Copier

Leasing a copier is a big investment for any business and it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. We have been able to help so many companies help find the best possible cost on a great copier for the office. We can offer refurbished or new copiers so that your company will…

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Saving Money by Buying Used

By Marketing Group / April 15, 2014 / Comments Off on Saving Money by Buying Used

Everyone wants to save money when they are buying devices for the office. A lot of the times office managers will try to save money by looking into buying a used copier rather than buying a new one.  This is not always a great option though because while a used copier is definitely cheaper upfront,…

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Get the Right Sized Copier

By Marketing Group / March 30, 2014 / Comments Off on Get the Right Sized Copier

You should have a pretty good idea about how much copying you will need to be able to do for you Charlotte area business. You should know what the recommended amount of copying each copier is capable of doing before you end up going ahead with the decision. You should also know how much space…

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Buying a Copier in Charlotte so Easy, it Feels Like Magic!

By Marketing Group / September 1, 2010 / Comments Off on Buying a Copier in Charlotte so Easy, it Feels Like Magic!

You are looking online for a copier in Charlotte, which only leads us to assume there must be a reason you are not speaking with the copier rep at the company that sold you the copier you currently own.  Maybe they make things complicated, maybe the service is unpredictable, maybe they went out of business!…

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Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Copier in Charlotte

By Marketing Group / April 30, 2010 / Comments Off on Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Copier in Charlotte

Finding that perfect copier can be a lot like finding that perfect boyfriend/girlfriend.  Each person has the priorities of what they are looking for and they make sure the things they find the most important are there.  Copiers are about the same.  There are some “dealbreakers” — Maybe the cost of the copier in Charlotte…

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