Saving Money by Buying Used

Everyone wants to save money when they are buying devices for the office. A lot of the times office managers will try to save money by looking into buying a used copier rather than buying a new one. cash

This is not always a great option though because while a used copier is definitely cheaper upfront, if you get a copier that is not well taken care of, it can end up costing a lot of money in repairs and maintenance further down the line.

This is why it can be a really good idea to look into buying a refurbished copier rather than merely a used copier. A refurbished copier is one that has been thoroughly gone through, cleaned and had damaged parts replaced so that the machine is up to factory standards. While a used copier will save you a lot of money at the beginning, a refurbished copier will save you some money at the begininning and even more money throughout the life of the copier. You will have a successful relationship with your copier.

If your Charlotte area business is looking for a great used or new copier, please give us a call at (704)-625-0080 and we would love the opportunity to work with you.


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