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Saving Money by Buying Used

Everyone wants to save money when they are buying devices for the office. A lot of the times office managers will try to save money by looking into buying a used copier rather than buying a new one.  This is not always a great option though because while a used copier is definitely cheaper upfront,…

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Used Copiers

If you are looking for a used copier here in Charlotte, you should give us a call!  We have sales reps who work hard to make sure you get the best copier deals, whether it is new or used. Our sales professionals will assess your current situation and then work with you to see what your…

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Finding the Perfect Charlotte Copier Deal!

As you call around to find a great copier deal in Charlotte, we know this process can be frustrating!  This is why we have invested heavily in tools which will allow us to make sure the copier we are quoting you in Charlotte is the very best deal for you!  We have an infrastructure which…

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Used Copier Deals in Charlotte NC

Have you been looking for a used copier in Charlotte NC?  If you have you are at the right place.  We have deals with leasing companies where they have copiers that are off of their 3 year lease, or even better for you, people who defaulted on their copier lease.  We can get you these…

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