Copier Experts in Charlotte NC

Ever received a quote from a copier dealer? If so, you have probably realized that size does count up for copier costs. What happens if you choose a tabloid (11 x 17) capable copier? In general, this will cost twice as much as if you bought a copier that prints only letter/legal paper. However, you may need it in some situations. At our business in Charlotte, we sell Xerox copiers that can handle tabloid and letter/legal paper.

We just want to make sure customers do not spend extra for tabloid paper if they do not need it because it may cost an extra $3,000 if you buy the wrong size for your copier.

The biggest aspect to understand with copier paper is purpose. If, for example, you will be printing off brochures and other marketing material, you may want 11 x 17 paper. However, it makes more sense to buy a copier that prints letter/legal paper if you will be printing legal sized documents. For further information about paper sizes, contact our copier business in Charlotte. We offer expert guidance that can save you money and increase your chances of satisfaction.

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