During this time of public health concern regarding the COCID-19 outbreak, it is important to make sure that your environment is clean and safe for yourself and others. Here are a few tips to help keep your devices clean and working properly.

Cleaning your Devices

Click on the link below to find the instructions and tips for how to keep your Xerox devices and equipment clean. Be sure to read them carefully to make sure that your machines are clean and working properly.


Moving Your Device

As more operations move remotely, search the word move on the online knowledgebase for your model of machine. Click on the link below to access the knowledge base and find out more about your device.


Here are some helpful instructions to help safely move your printer:

  • Remove any paper from the paper tray and output tray. If the output tray is open, be sure to close it before moving.
  • Please do not tilt the device or turn it upside down as the inside of the device may become contaminated with toner. This can cause damage to the printer or even harm print quality.
  • Be sure not to tilt the printer more than 10 degrees in any direction when moving as this can cause toner spillage.
  • When moving the printer over a long distance, be sure to remove the drum cartridge and toner cartridge to keep the toner from spilling.

Looking for more information on how to safely move your Xerox printer or multifunction device? Call us today at 704-625-0080!