Getting the Right Copier Lease Length

If you want a great copier lease then you need to choose a copier lease length that works well for you. Getting the right copier lease length is about figuring out the benefits of each lease length and deciding what works well for your business. There are usually a number of options to choose from, but today we will focus broadly on long-term and short-term leases.

Long-term Leases

  • Usually around 60 months in length
  • The most common option across the board. It is by far the most common lease length that we do at Copier Charlotte.
  • Gives you access to lower payments. A longer lease means that you can pay less each month because you are paying over time.
  • Go longer without having the get another lease. Most people hate shopping for copier leases so this is a good way to postpone that process for as long as possible.

Short-term Leases

  • Usually between 24-46 months in length
  • Can be almost twice as expensive per month depending on the machine
  • Upgrade more frequently. This is great for those who always want their business to have access to the best technology possible.
  • Usually have less maintenance problems. Many times people don’t have their office machine for long enough to experience the most common problems that long leases yield.


Both lease lengths have value, depending on what you are looking for. Talk with your leasing company and think about what works best for your business. It can greatly affect how the lease will be written later on.