What to do with a Discontinued Copier

Imagine that you have been on a copier lease for a while with an office machine that you love. You have had no problem for years and don’t want to change models. Then, you leasing company calls you up and says that it’s time to upgrade because your model was discontinued. What does this mean for you and your business?

Having a discontinued copier does not have to be a big deal. There is just a simple rule that you need to understand to make a smart decision on your own. This is something that your copier leasing company may not tell you, but it’s true for every copier.

All copier companies, by law, must keep their parts available for discontinued machines available to the public for at least 5 years after they discontinue the model.

The only thing that really matters with a discontinued copier is whether or not you will be able to maintenance the machine if something happens down the road. If you are able to get parts for your machine then you shouldn’t have a problem fixing an issue down the road. However, if those 5 years are closing in then you could have a problem.

Many leasing companies the discontinuation of a copier as a way to scare people into starting a new lease. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Talk with your leasing company about when your machine was discontinued and make the decision for yourself.