Professional Copier Installation

So, you have just signed a new copier lease and you are excited to get your new machine in your office. Your leasing company will probably ask you if you would like someone from their team to take care of installation for you. It’s going to come at a cost, but we want to let you know that it’s always worth it to pay for professional copier installation.

Getting professional copier installation is the right move for a number of reasons. We understand that everyone wants to save money, but this is not an area to be overly frugal.


  • This is not a simple job. Many people think that their IT department or office handyman can install the machine with no problem. The reality is that copier installation is not all that simple. Our staff is trained to handle the job, while your IT department is trained in a different skill set.
  • A mistake can stick with you. One small mistake early on can have a large affect down the road. Everything inside of a copier is corrected, so one mistake could lead to many other problems. You could be left with problems that never go away.
  • You will save in the long term. If you make a mistake early then you will be stuck with problems for a long time. That small mistake could lead to an expensive breakdown. You could be stuck repairing things during your entire lease because you didn’t want to pay for professional installation.


Getting professional copier installation is the best way to ensure your copier is going to last for the long haul. Our team of professionals will be able to make sure that your machine is ready to take on your biggest jobs today, and into the future.