Shipping a Copier

When you begin a copier lease you may never consider what it’s like to ship a copier. Many people would never even consider this to be something that cold affect them later. However, knowing about shipping can be more important than you could imagine. If you aren’t careful then you could end up spending hundreds more than you expected. Understanding the basics of shipping a copier can save you a lot of headaches later on.

What many people don’t understand is that it is usually not your leasing companies job to ship your copier back when your lease is over. Instead, it is usually left up to you. This is something you could probably easily find in your lease, but many people do not pay that close of attention. Being unaware if the biggest mistake you can make.

You see, leasing companies intentionally leave the shipping up to you. It is very easy for them to get deals because they are already partners with the shipping companies. It will cost them a fraction of what it costs you to ship the copier back. If you wait until the end of your lease then you could be spending $500 or more on shipping.

Copier leasing companies use this as an opportunity to leverage this against you. They will offer to ship your copier back for free if you sign another lease. If you like your leasing company then this can be great. However they may just be trying to take advantage of you.

Look into shipping your copier early on. Look for deals before it’s too late. It can save you hundreds.