Don’t Get Tricked on Shipping

We expose a lot of secrets about the copier world, but there is still an area that is not discussed enough. When people are looking into copier leases they often focus too much on what happens when you have the copier that you don’t think about what happens when you need to return it. This can be a costly error that you will not want to deal with, especially when dealing with shipping the copier back.

Copier Charlotte is tired of seeing people get bamboozled into spending more than you should. We want to help so you don’t get tricked on shipping when you copier lease ends. What most people assume is that their leasing company will simply get the copier when the lease is over. This is often not the case.

Leasing companies will usually leave the shipping costs to the people who are paying the lease. The leasing companies know that the cost can be startling if you do not plan ahead. You can be expecting to shell out hundreds of dollars to get your copier out of your office.

Copier companies know that you may not want to pay that fee, especially if you weren’t expecting it. This is how they trick you. They will try and make a deal to say that if you sign with them again, they will ship the copier free of charge. Simply put, it’s a sneaky way to bully you into signing with them again, even as they are taking money from your pocket.

Don’t get tricked on shipping. Understand all the parts of you lease before you sign and plan ahead. Your lease will end quicker than you may expect and you don’t want to have to deal with this later on. Check you lease now and save the headache later on.