How Copiers Affect your Health

Copiers are amazing machines that can do a wonder for your office. They have become a necessity for a majority of businesses. They give you the ability to do more and do it quickly. Without a copier, most peoples office environments would become very difficult to be around. However, for some people, having a copier around can be harmful to their health.

The first thing to know is that copiers are very safe machines. They are reliable and not have an effect on most people. However, for those who are especially susceptible to lung and respiratory problems, a copier can cause irritation.

Copiers produce Volatile Organic Compounds, otherwise known as VOCs. The most common VOC that is produced is Ozone. Ozone is great for the atmosphere, but can cause irritation of the lungs.

If you are susceptible to lung and respiratory infection then being close to a copier may cause you harm. At Copier Charlotte we want your office to be as safe as possible and we offer you these tips to make sure everyone is safe.

  • Place your copier in a well-ventilated area. Let the VOCs have the ability to escape the office and lungs of workers.
  • Move desks away from the copier. You don’t want to make one person have to breathe in potentially irritating compounds throughout the entirety of every business day.
  • Make sure you replace your copiers air filters. Doing this simple task can greatly reduce the effect.

Most people will not be affected by the VOCs made by a copier. But its always better to know as much as you can about the machines in your office.