Money Saving Tip: Choose A Copier Manager

Getting a good rate on your lease is not the only way to save money with an office copier. There are a number of consumables that you need every month. It’s important to see where waste is coming from and what resources you are overusing. There is usually an area where you can cut waste to save yourself money. Choosing a copier manager for your office is a great solution to this problem.

A copier manager should be someone who already works in your office who can handle the extra responsibility. They should have a variety of functions to help you cut costs and be in charge of everything that happens with the copier.

A good copier manager should:

  • Monitor copier usage
  • Look for patterns of waste
  • Keep track of paper and toner use
  • Keep office stocked with necessary supplies
  • Be first line in troubleshooting problems

Your copier manager should have a strong handle on your copier. They should know the basic functions of troubleshooting and what to look for in terms of maintenances issues. A copier manager will be the main person in your office in charge of all functions of the copier.

When you choose your copier manager it is important to establish them in an email or meeting. Make sure that the office knows who this person is, and that their roll is recognized.

A good copier manager can be a great money saving opportunity. If you can recognize where waste is most prevalent, then you can cut the problem before it gets out of hand.

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