Xerox Workcentre

Are you looking for a multifunction printer for your home office? Multifunction printers can truly improve your productivity by combining several commonly used office machines into one. Do you fax, scan, copy and print documents daily? Why not consider the Xerox Workcentre when looking for a compact and high quality multifunction printer?

The Xerox Workcentre 3210/3220 Multifunction Printer is designed to not only save valuable floor space with its streamlined design, it is also designed to increase your productivity and help you save on maintenance costs. This multipurpose machine scans, copies, faxes and prints and is a great addition to any small office or workgroup.

Designed for busy professionals like you, the Xerox Workcentre is built for efficiency, with the capability to print 30ppm. With the ability to perform two tasks at once, you can scan a document at the same time you are printing another, thus saving time and boosting productivity to a higher level.  With the option to use various media in the Xerox Workcentre,  you can create documents of all sizes and weights.

You will be thrilled with the ease in which this multifunctional printer is installed. Xerox has created a machine that will save time, money and frustration so that you can put your focus on your business, not the breakdown of your office machines.

For high quality, high performance and the reliability of Xerox, give us a call and let us show you the great features of the Xerox Workcentre. We look forward to hearing from you soon!