Security Tips for Your Digital Copier

Are Your Documents Secure?

When you lease a digital copier, one of the key elements that becomes easy to forget relates to security. What does copier security relate to? First, it boils down to protecting the hard drive on your copier. Since 2002, copiers have been made with hard drives that they designed to store the sensitive data in a machine.

Whenever you have scanned a customer’s social security number, it gets recorded on the hard drive. Depending on how you handle it, there becomes a growing risk that that information could be handed to another customer. In some cases, confidential documents and contracts could be leaked either to the next customer or a cyber criminal who could wreak havoc upon your livelihood. What common examples of copier uses will pose a threat? Loan contracts, private medical records, student files, report cards and donor payment information will all be at risk.

You have to treat your digital copier similar to how you would treat a PC. You would never resell your computer without first wiping the hard drive. Never neglect to do the same thing with your copier. It is not worth the potential trouble that could follow.