Lease a Xerox copier

Quality matters to you. You invest in the best for your business so that you can be the best in the business. Our copier sales and leasing company prides itself in providing high quality copiers in the Charlotte area. Why would you work with anyone else to lease a Xerox copier?  We are an authorized Xerox dealer and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.  When you lease a Xerox copier, you will get a quality copier for a reasonable price. Just call one of our highly qualified sales specialists and we will be happy to work with you!

Why lease a Xerox copier from us? We will walk you through the leasing process, making certain that you clearly understand everything before you sign. When we understand what the needs of your business are, we can help you to formulate a lease program that works within your budget while providing you with the copier that best fits your office’s document production needs.

When you lease a Xerox copier,  you get all the benefits of a high quality and cutting edge brand without the huge up front costs to purchase. Whether you need a small desktop laser jet printer for small office or a multifunctional fax, scanner and copier, we have the Xerox product for you. Work with the best to be the best!