How to Manage Copier Supplies and Never Run Out!

Four cartridges for laser printers

Many employees have taken their copier supplies for granted. That is, they take them for granted until they run out. If you have ever run out of copier supplies on a busy day or during an important project, you know how it brings your productivity to a screeching halt. As a result, an employee could have to run out to buy more toner and paper at a ridiculous cost. What can you do to manage your copier supplies better?

First, we never recommend stockpiling two to three years worth of toner supplies because each cartridge will have a certain lifespan. After that expiration date, your extra toner becomes wasted money. First, calculate your monthly volume for copies. Once you have done that, we recommend adding 15 percent to that to add cushioning for your supplies. If you have a photocopier that you use frequently, we recommend increasing your paper estimate by 50 percent. You should also factor in special needs for your upcoming projects ahead of time so that you never run low on supplies. As a business, losing several hours in productivity can be devastating to your company.