How to Choose the Best Copier for Your Company

Choosing the best office copier does not come down to brand or finding the most expensive copier. If you want to avoid frustrating problems, you have to consider your specific type of business. Not sure about the type of copier you need? First, look at the type of copies that you plan to make. For example, do you plan to print solely in black and white, or do you have color copies that you will need. Black and white copiers will normally cost less, and they have a lower cost per copy, but first you must look at if it makes sense for you.

3d human with a red question mark

3d human with a red question mark

Second, look at how much speed you will need. If you have many workers who will share a copier, or you have a tendency to print a lot, then a high-speed copier will suit you better. However, if you do not need a higher output, then choosing a copier with a lower output offers a less expensive alternative. Finally, decide if you will need accessories. While a paper tray, paper feed and stapler is convenient, understand that you will pay a great deal more for copiers with these features.


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