Copier Sales: Adapt or Die

We have witnessed the copier industry changing substantially over the years. Our company recently visited the ITEX trade show, and we learned of some basic things about the copier industry’s latest direction. First, we found it interesting that copier vendors: Ricoh, Xerox, Canon and Kyocera all chose not to attend or have a booth. Why? We have heard rumors that the big manufacturing companies want to move towards managed service companies.

Why has this become the case? Hypothesizing here, but we have found that your average copier company does not embrace new technology. In fact, they have a tendency to feel intimidated by it. Prime example is how we have a database with more than 900 copiers and printers, but your average sales representative seems confused about why customers want a legitimate side-by-side comparison of products.

We have an industry where copier sales representatives insist on doing business old school, but the industry has evolved. The representatives have watched themselves lose more business to IT companies and manufacturers who understand the technology. We, however, recommend a new strategy. If you want to make sales, you have to adapt and use the new copier technology to your advantage. Interested in a new copier? Call now!