About Charlotte MFPs and Document Management

You keep hearing about document management, but you are not quite sure what it is but you would like to know. You may or you may not need document management features, and that depends entirely on the volume of documents your organization handles per month. Document management is just a quick method of organizing your company’s documents; sent and received can be stored for later retrieval.

Document management is essential when organizations need to develop efficiencies in their workflows. This is especially important when it comes to paperwork processing, handling, and compliance with industry and federal standards and guidelines.  It is quite useful when it comes to chain of custody and permissions to view sensitive data.

For instance, if an attorney needs to show who looked at what and when they looked at it, then document management is a solution. A copy of the revised and original copy would be kept on file, and it would show who looked at it, when they looked at it, and if any changes were made. This is particularly useful when it comes to hospitals, healthcare facilities, etc. Doctors can always update patient information and find out the latest changes, who looked at the changes, who made the changes, etc.