Buying Across State Lines

All over the map, people look for easy and cheap access to color copiers. They’ll search online classified ads, wholesale outlets and even popular auction sites. And while this strategy is appropriate for buying some types of office supplies and equipment, it isn’t always appropriate for buying color copiers. Color copiers that are sold across state lines can be more expensive simply because of their location.

Reasons vary, but the bulk of them encompass expensive delivery costs, a higher over-head and pricey customer service. That’s not the case with local suppliers like Charlotte Copier, however. Through a local supplier, these expenses are significantly reduced or outright eliminated.  We have come up with methods though to avoid the traditional issues and offer things like overnight freight, free of charge, anywhere in the USA.

This is hugely important considering that color copiers are already more expensive than black and white copiers. It’s also important considering that the cost of some copiers don’t justify their output. A customer can pay over a thousand dollars a month for a remotely sold color copier, for example, only to pay additional fees for long-distant support and/or maintenance. Even worse is when the prints from a remotely purchased copier aren’t quality prints.

At local outlets like Charlotte Copier, customers can hold the output of any color copier in their own hands and judge its quality with their own eyes. It’s a much better strategy than guessing and hoping the output of an out-of-state copier looks as good as it was advertised online or in a catalog.