Data Security for Your Copier

Do you handle critical data in your organization in Charlotte? Moreover, did you know that a copier creates and stores images of each job you make, either temporarily or permanently? It’s true, there are some copiers that have a hard disk and store all the copies you make.

So, what happens when you come one day and there has been a break-in – and the copier is missing? The information can land into the wrong hands. Some of this information is critical – such as credit card details and social security numbers.

This is why you need a data security kit to prevent your clients’ sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

How Does a Data Security Kit Work?

When you use the copier, the images are stored on an in-built hard disk. The information isn’t vital after the copy job, which requires that the employee deletes the information. Well, this rarely happens in most organizations, which is why a security kit is important – it deletes the images the moment the job is done.

So, instead of running into a crisis when something happens to your copier (unfortunately), invest into a data security kit.