Selling Your Old Copier

On a site like this, you would be surprised how often we get calls asking us if we want to buy an old copier.  Generally the answer is no, unless there is a trade in involved.  Here are some tips if you are trying to sell that old copier so you can do so as efficiently as possible.

  • Try Ebay and Craigslist – these are usually the fastest methods
  • Don’t expect more than a few hundred bucks on an old copier.  It doesn’t matter if you paid $10000 5 years ago.  They are in the channel at $400 to $1000 ea from lease returns with a guarantee to us as a dealer, so if you are trying to get $600 and we see there are $600 in parts needed, we are better off buying elsewhere.  You are trying to sell, and we only buy when it is great deal for us.
  • If you insist on calling dealers to try and sell your old copier, call people who sell the brand of the copier you are trying to get rid of.  If you are a Canon customer, you are much less likely to hear from a Xerox or Ricoh copier company the news you want to hear.

We hope this information can be put to good use.  Please give us a call if you have more questions or want to trade in your copier for a new copier in Charlotte!