Where do your copier costs come from?

What figures into the cost of a copier in Charlotte?

Knowledge is power. Knowing what factors into your copier costs will help you make educated decisions about your copiers and printers. Normally Charlotte Copier services are based on a “click charge” which means that the overall cost is distributed per side of a printed page. Depending on the company that you are doing business with there may be different costs outside of your  “click charge”.  It’s a good idea to keep the following points in mind to know what you are really being charged per click.

  1. Labor Cost – meaning installation, maintenance, and use of the machine.
  2. Equipment Costs – the purchase of initial equipment and the cost of replacement.
  3. Accessory Cost – the cost involved in extra components such as RAM, networking cards, and equipment for networking.
  4. Consumable Cost – ink/toner, all your paper, and additional special paper like transparencies
  5. Simplex or duplex cost – it costs more to print duplex (print on both sides of the paper)
  6. Color copy cost – of course it costs more to print color

Understanding these costs and how they apply to your click charge is important. There are service agreements that cover all of the above points, but understanding them should help immensely when it comes to making a decision.

If you’re looking for a copier in Charlotte, we would love to be a part of your search. Please call.