11X17 Copier or Printer

11X17 in Charlotte – how to decide

Are you considering an 11X17 copier or printer? This isn’t a light decision, as the difference between a tabloid copier and a smaller 8.5X14 copier is generally 3000 dollars.

The rule of thumb that I use is 10%. If 10% or more of your copies are going to be 11X17 it’s certainly worth getting the tabloid copier or printer. If it’s less than 10% then it may a good idea to think about other options, such as using print shops for your tabloid 11X17 prints.

Beyond cost there are other things to keep in mind. Where is the closest print shop? How much time will it take to use it? Will you be doing all of your 11X17 prints together or needing them sporadically?

If you are looking for an 11X17 copier or printer in the Charlotte metro area we would like to help you in your search. We have years of experience in the copier industry and will be able to supply you with insight to your specific situation.

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