Copier Lease Renewals

Planning on getting a Lease Renewal in Charlotte?

Sometimes it seems like businesses in the Charlotte area are trying to throw their money away using their copier as the waste basket. When I sell, I try to put myself in the customer’s position and do for him what I would want to be done for me. Unfortunately this is less common than we’d like to believe and a lot of people don’t really want to take the advice. Considering the circumstance, I can’t say that I blame them.

One way that I’ve seen companies thrown money away, though, is by signing a new lease before their first one is up. If you are doing this, I would recommend stopping.

  1. Lending institutions want to get all the money that they have financed out in loans. You’re payments won’t be “forgiven” in truth they are just being rolled into your next lease.
  2. When you buy a quality copier it should last the entire lease, if not you’re just getting a new lease with the same company that sold you an under quality machine in the first place.
  3. Often, people will do this as a quick fix because they are having problems without looking at all of their options.

Hopefully this is a help. If you would like help understanding anything else in the copier world, we are here to talk!