Used Copiers, Yes or No?

Used Copiers for Charlotte:

Although purchasing a used copier for your Charlotte business might save some cash, it is worth taking the time to think through the implications of purchasing used equipment before deciding if this is the most appropriate choice for your business needs.

Critical issues facing businesses that purchase used equipment include:

• Remaining useful life/depreciation expense deductions
• Critical features such as color, paper volume, etc.
• Previous owner/s and scheduled maintenance performed

Selecting the right copier for your Charlotte business is a matter of determining the most important priorities and then selecting the copier that falls within your price range. Extra features always cost money. Paying for a machine that has too many bonus features, which may be superfluous to your business, is an unnecessary expense.

Additionally, some used copiers are still covered with their original manufacturer’s warranty, which adds value to the purchase. Performing a complete assessment of the copier will allow you to make a decision that is based on a reasonable cost analysis.

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