The Perfect Color Copier Deal!

Xerox Color Copier for Charlotte Companies!

Do you need a color copier for your Charlotte NC company?  If you do, undoubtedly, you have already spoken to 1,2 or 300 different copier reps and all of them will have a different story.  One will talk about why Xerox is awesome and another will say the same thing about Ricoh copiers.  You will talk to a 3rd rep and get the same story on Kyocera copiers and then you will hear why you shouldn’t buy a Xerox, a Sharp, a Toshiba or a Konica Minolta from your Canon dealer.

Let’s be real here, copiers are a lot like cars.  You can buy a top end or a low end and the objective is basically the same and all the copiers can do what you want, copy – fax – scan and print if you buy the right device and the right accessories.  So, what makes for the “perfect copier”?

We feel there are 3 componets for a perfect copier for you.

  1. The copier should be affordable
  2. The copier should be easy to use
  3. The copier should do everything you need to use

If you can get these 3 things accomplished, there is no need to spend $14,000 on a fully loaded copier.  If you need letter/legal copying, scanning, printing and faxing…  the Xerox WorkCenter 6400/X may be the perfect copier for you in Charlotte!


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