Don’t Get on the Naughty List Buying a Copier in Charlotte!

Has Your Company Been Naughty Buying a Copier in Charlotte?

There are some simple mistakes a company can make as they are buying a copier in Charlotte.  The first major mistake is people get in a hurry!  It is important to be able to take your time when you are buying a copier in Charlotte if you are hoping to get the best deal out there!

An example of a bad deal is a company we work with in Rock Hill, South Carolina has a color copier and recently got suckered into a new copier that will cost their company an additional $12,000 because they paid for prints they did not need and got accessories for their Rock Hill Copier they did not need!

Really, the virtues of patience and diligence are the most important when buying a copier.

Please give us a call if you are needing a copier in Rock Hill, or of course, a copier in Charlotte!