Why is Xerox So Highly Rated for Innovation?

In its 2021 report, Quocirca announced Xerox as the leader in delivering quality support and services. The report, titled “Managed Print Services Landscape 2021 – a vendor analysis of the global MPS market,” took into account many things. And after considering its Intelligent Workplace Solutions, it declared Xerox, an innovation leader.

The report labeled Xerox as a leader in meeting Quocirca’s assessment criteria. Its comprehensive portfolio of services and the service delivery platform earned it that title. 

Xerox makes hefty investments in cloud computing, IT solutions, and digitization departments. This is so that it can quickly adapt to the hybrid workplace model. SMB customers were instrumental in getting the company to the top. 

The report by Quocirca stated that Xerox had invested adequately in the delivery of cloud services throughout the globe. This has allowed it to provide security and agility in service and collaboration. The report specifically mentioned Xerox’s digitization capacity and IT services capability. 


Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape, 2021.

The visual above represents how Quocirca views the different printer and copier sellers worldwide. The following two characteristics determine a vendor’s position on the graph:

  • Market Leaders:

These vendors have made investments toward developing a good service portfolio. They have also maintained a strong infrastructure. 

  • Major Players:

These vendors have long been established as the major players in their respective areas of operation. 

Xerox consistently scores higher across the board for services. For buying and leasing Xerox MFPs and printers, call Copier Charlotte!


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