Who Manages your Copier Costs?

If you are in the business of saving money then you should be paying attention to all parts of your business. One of the most overlooked areas of spending is in your office copier and the expenses behind it. It may seem like small amounts of money, but everything adds up over time, and many people spend more than they should. Do you have anyone who manages your copier costs?

There are basically two ways you can go about saving on your copier costs.

  1. Assign someone in your office to take on the role of copier manager
  2. Work with a managed print services company

If you assign someone in your company to be a copier manager then they need to be good at be organized and finding patterns. They should be able to take on the extra responsibility and be able to learn all the basics about your office machine. A good copier manager will be your first line of response if anything goes wrong or if anyone has questions.

A managed print services company is going to be a great option for bigger operations. They will be dedicated to monitoring every function of your office copier to make sure it’s the most efficient it can be. They will be able to spot areas of waste and help you cut down most efficiently on unnecessary spending.

Both are good options, but it’s up to you to decide who manages your copier costs. Either way, somebody should be in charge of trying to limit waste and excessive spending.