Save on Prints

You want to do everything you can do to save money when getting a new copier lease. Many people spend so much time trying to get a good deal on their lease that they lose money in other areas. One of the most overlooked areas to save money is in your print costs. Copier leasing companies will do whatever they can to make you buy more prints than you should. There are some bad deals out there, but the biggest scam is to buy unlimited prints.

Unlimited prints are always going to be a bad deal. First off, no company is ever going to let you print unlimited amounts without some sort of compensation. It is unrealistic to believe that a company wouldn’t charge you more money if you started doing tens of thousands of more prints.

The reality is that you want to actually buy a little less prints than you think you need on your busiest month. Unused prints don’t rollover from month to month. That means that any unused prints are just wasted money. We believe that it’s always better to buy what you actually need. Buying more “just in case” is a waste of money.

The best way to get a good deal on prints is to use to 80% rule. Buy about 80% of what you think you will need on your busiest month. That will usually leave you enough for your less busy months, and you can buy more if you need to. It may be more expensive to add prints in the middle of the month, but it’s better than wasting money every month of prints you don’t use.