Tabloid copiers are generally the most powerful and most dynamic machines that are available. They give a variety of options that other, more basic copiers may not. They are the best copiers for anything that requires large color prints with fantastic and consistent results. While we sell all types of tabloid copiers in Charlotte, we want to make sure that a tabloid copier is right for you.

Simply put, tabloid copiers are the machines that are capable of scanning and printing tabloid sized documents. Tabloid size is 11” x 17” as opposed to the traditional, legal size of 8.5” x 11”. Tabloid copiers give you the ability to do larger prints with more pizzazz.

The businesses that usually need to rely on tabloid copiers are ones that specialize in media or marketing of some kind. These businesses typically use all the options available on a tabloid copier, otherwise known as an A3 copier.

While most business do not need the features of an A3 copier, many still end up with one in their office. Why is this? Well, first off other copier leasing companies will try and get you to buy the most expensive piece of equipment possible. A3 copiers will always have a high price tag because they offer more options.

Some business owners also get tricked into buying an A3 copier because they think it “looks more like a real copier.” This is a totally misguided idea when shopping for copiers. Most standard legal sized copiers, also known as A4 copiers, will accomplish what you need without the hefty price.

  • Fast and reliable black and white printing
  • Lower price tag
  • Less maintenance work because an A4 copier has less parts

While tabloid copiers do have a variety of practical and impressive features, they simply aren’t for everyone. If you do not actually need a tabloid copier then you could end up spending thousands more on a copier for virtually no reason.

If you want to know more about tabloid copiers then please contact us at Copier Charlotte. We can help you understand if a tabloid copier is the right option for you!