PrintWe are an authorized Xerox dealer in Charlotte and proudly offer several models of Xerox copiers to complement your business operations. We love our relationship with Xerox because we share a lot of the same values as this world leader. We respect and value our customer relationships and always want to offer a fair price and exceptional quality in both our business dealings and our products. When you buy one of our many Xerox copiers, you are getting much more than just a machine to make copies. You are buying a quality product with a Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

We provide the same guarantee offered by Xerox that states that any one of the Xerox copiers that we sell is guaranteed to work or we will repair or replace it for free. We strongly believe in the product and have no problem standing behind what we sell.

Not sure which one of our Xerox copiers will be a good fit for your business? We have experience consulting with businesses of all shapes and sizes and have a pretty good idea how to match you with the perfect machine for your  needs. You don’t need to be an expert on copiers to work with us because we enjoy educating our customers and providing them with as much information as they need to make the best decision.

Looking for a place where you can buy high quality Xerox copiers? Look no further and give us a call!