The curse of the paper jam

paper-jamWhat office worker hasn’t been there? The curse of the paper jam is known to everyone who has ever used an office copier in their day to day business. Although there isn’t much to be done when you do find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do as a preemptive strike against the curse of the paper jam. Even with your best efforts, these little malfunctions are bound to happen. We want you to feel comfortable that when it does, you can fix it and move on with minimal stress.

The curse of the paper jam tends to happen when you are in the midst of a large job. Make sure you never overload your paper trays, as this can set you up for issues during large jobs. Another tip is to make sure that you never open a paper tray in the middle of a job to refill it. Just wait until your copier runs out of paper and refill the paper at that time. If you open the paper tray in the middle of a job, you are upping the odds of dealing with the curse of the paper jam. 

So, what do you do if you have done everything right but still hear that old familiar clunking and whirring sound coming from you copier? Never fear! Be patient and slowly and gently remove the paper jam. Reset your copier and you should be back on the road within minutes.


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