Copier Tips from the Masters of Printing

Ever felt that you bought a lemon for a copier?question mark

With a few tips and tricks, you can reduce many of the problems associated with printing.

For example, ever had a toner nozzle clog? conducted a study that suggests the nozzles have a greater likelihood of clogging in areas with low humidity. You can sometimes solve this problem with a humidifier next to the room where you keep the copier.

Want to fix smeared printouts? In numerous cases, printers smear because something sticks to the printheads. You will notice this problem when you attempt to change the cartridge or remove it. Before attaching a cartridge to the printer, examine the nozzle to make sure that you have fully removed the tape.

Lastly, make sure you print in the right order. A vast portion of laser prints will print pages so that they come out face down. This places them in the right order. However, if you use an inkjet, which we do not recommend for businesses, you may have to reorder the pages.

Want to learn more? We have a vast wealth of knowledge that we want to share with customers to increase the efficiency of their business. The first thing people notice about us is that we are not your average copier company.


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