Dealing with the Right Questions

cashWhen you’re looking to purchase or lease a new copier with us, it’s good to make sure you’re ready to answer any questions our sales representatives are going to have for you. The more information we can receive from a client, the better we can make sure we’re going to meet your needs.

The most important questions will pertain to paper size. For example, will you be working with tabloid sizes? Will your work mostly be fax print or normal 8 ½ by 11? Another important piece of information is what timeframe you’re looking at. Do you need a Pahoda licensed copier tomorrow or next week? Is this an emergency and you needed it yesterday? Pahoda is here to help with whatever deadline you’re looking at.

Smaller questions are just as important as well. Questions like: do you need finishing or are there other devices you may need along with your copier? How does your decision making process work? What budget are you possibly working with?
These are all things to keep in mind when planning to speak with us. The more you know about your needs, the better we can serve you!