Copier Data Security

Are your copiers secure?

Are you in an information sensitive office? If you’re like most businesses you have already put in the time, effort, and money to protect your network. What about your copiers though? Did you know that many copiers store their images on a hard drive? Here are some points to ponder on.

  1. The greater sum of copiers built post 2002 have internal hard drives standard. This means that your copier is probably storing many images that you’ve copied.
  2. Some of the above mentioned copiers do not come with a standard security kit, and some that do were not configured when the machine was set up.
  3. At the end of your lease were you planning on returning your copier? If so, you may be sending your clients’ valuable information to an unknown source.
  4. If you are an attorney, an accountant, in the medical field, or dealing with government security you should be especially concerned with this.

We have years in the industry and know how to keep your copiers secure. Working with specific fields and knowing their problems is something that we’ve spent a lot of time on, hopefully this is a help.

If you find yourself needing advice in the Charlotte area we can certainly talk on the phone sometime.