$1 Buyout On A Copier Charlotte Can Appreciate?

There are many ways to purchase a copier in Charlotte. A $1 buyout is an option that companies choose if they’re looking to buy a copier but don’t want to pay up front. This can be good for small to medium businesses that want to keep their cash flow more simple and have some working capital. Copiers in Charlotte can be thousands for a good one, and the attraction to the $1 buyout is simple. But here are some thoughts:

  • Only choose the $1 buyout if you want to keep the copier since you are essentially paying for it
  • Choose the FMV if you want lower payments and the option to pay fair market value at the end of the lease
  • Consider whether you want to buy a 5 year old copier (If you leased it for 5 years)
  • The advantage of a lease is being able to upgrade–after all technology changes a lot in 5 years

Hopefully this helps in your decision to lease a Charlotte copier, buy it outright, or just pay for it over time at a little higher rate. The important thing is to know exactly what you’re getting, what you’re paying for, and why you are choosing that option. Charlotte copier reps are more than happy to decide for you, but only you can make the best choice for yourself if you have the right information. Keep reading to learn tricks and tips on saving money on a Charlotte copier!


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